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The way we spend our time being active is changing. GlowSports and GlowFitness offers a more social, engaging and sensory way for people to be active. GlowSports and GlowFitness makes being active a total sensory and fun experience.

GlowSports and GlowFitness makes the delivery of glow in the dark, uv sport, activity easy and accessible for all. It offers a range of products that can be utilised in many different settings and for different activities. Focusing on a product that is portable, safe and most importantly delivers the glow that makes us so popular. GlowSports and GlowFitness are delivered by a network of Licenced partners.

Illuminosity offers a different future for being active to meet the needs of today’s active lifestyle customer. If you are interested in delivering GlowSports or GlowFitness you can choose from a range of commercial options.


Stand out from the crowd with GlowSports and GlowFitness

  • Innovative products designed to glow, no bodging with tape
  • Cost effective way of adding revenue streams to your business
  • Part of the biggest glow in the dark activity network
  • Greater ever expanding offer to meet the growing needs of your customer
  • A better illumination of activity then anything else
  • Online support and guidance for licencees
  • National leading brands in the sector
  • Social media support and signposting
  • Expert advice


Some feedback from those that have used GlowSports and GlowFitness

An Active Connections Group brand

GlowSports and GlowFitness are a part of the Active Connections Group Ltd portfolio. Active Connections Group aims are to help people be active and do more than they think they can. Active Connections Group also owns MedalMad, MedalKids, Ultimate Challenge, Active Start and Ministry of Running.

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