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GlowSports Racket Set

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get ready to glow with our racket set. All you need to start playing GlowTennis or GlowBadminton. PLus need some UV lights add either 2 or 4 150w UV Flood lights. 2 Will cover one court 4 can cover up to 3 courts.

Earn up to 600 Points.

Product Description

This set will get you up and glowing with a racket set that will aloow you to play GlowTennis and GlowBadminton.

The set includes

8 x GlowSports Rackets

8 x GlowSports Badminton Rackets

4 X Tennis Balls

1 x Pack of LED Shuttles

4 x Mini GlowSports Nets for Tennis or Badminton

8 x Rolls of UV tape

Additional information


Just Sports Kit, Sports Kit + 2 UV 150w Lights, Sports Kit + 4 150w UV Lights

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